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At Crowdcast, we believe in being respectful to all people. Anyone should be able to participate or share ideas regardless of background, identity, or location. We make a point to share our intentions and products with transparency to maintain our authenticity and we expect our community to do the same.

We believe in fostering healthy relationships and will always put the protection and security of our creators and community first. Below are our Community Guidelines which we expect all of our users to follow. If you view a violation of these Community Guidelines, please report it to us here.

Our Enforcement Philosophy & Process

As creators helping other creators, we have to be intentional when fostering space for sharing information and experiences. With intentionality comes accountability; accountability for our community looks like being proactive. If you are ever unsure whether the content you want to create follows our Community Guidelines, ask us! If a creator makes content or an account that violates our Community Guidelines, we will take swift action to protect our users and address the violation accordingly. Depending on the severity of a violation, we may take further action such as suspending or banning the account. In the most extreme cases, we may contact local law enforcement due to the severity of danger a host may cause to themselves or others. Please note that we have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech and threats to individuals, groups, or animals.

By using the platform, you confirm that you accept these guidelines and that you agree to comply with them.

Investigation Process

In order to investigate a possible violation, a case manager will first review the content on your page. If they have found a potential violation that would result in a warning, they will reach out and address the violation and suggest areas for following our community guidelines. If the case manager found evidence of a violation that will result in a strike or ban, they will alert the user as to what content violated our community guidelines, and share our enforcement and appeal process for that particular violation.

Enforcement Process

If you’ve received a warning: Please read the warning email carefully and reach out to our Success Team for any follow-up questions on how you can improve engagement and participation on our platform to avoid violating our community guidelines in the future. You will be given 3 warnings before receiving a strike.

What will result in an immediate warning: